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About Us

Origin Growers Company is located in Southern Minnesota and is the #1 hemp authority in the upper midwest. Our county is known for its highly fertile black soils, so we have very high yields of our crops. We have direct access to hemp breeders and hand select seeds to be grown in a 10,500 square foot climate controlled facility. This is a state of the art environment with light deprivation technology. 

We grow a quality product for the oil that is high in CBD and low in THC. We provide a quality genetics line that provides both high germination and more importantly, feminization.


All of our team members are licensed by the State of Minnesota’s Hemp Division. Our group is made up of five people that are 4th and 5th generation farmers that have been in agriculture for as many as 42 years. All of us have a stellar work ethic and are committed to being a leader in the hemp genetics industry. All of our team are lifelong members of this area and are committed to making our venture one that will be a leader in the production of quality hemp seed for years to come.

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